Sandi-Urena, Santiago

University of South Florida

S48: Research on Learning in the Laboratory: Evidence and Assessment P445: Current state of research in chemistry learning in the academic college laboratory


Salem, Sue

Washburn University

S82: FEPAC-friendly Courses and Curricula P969: Coordinating the lab with the law for forensic majors and pre-lawyers


Ryan, Stephanie

University of Illinois at Chicago


W3: Introduction to the Connected Chemistry Curriculum


S50b: Theoretical Frameworks: What Are They, Why Should I Use Them, and Which One(s) Should I


Russell, Arlene

University of California – Los Angeles


W4: Calibrated Peer ReviewTM Version 5 (CPR5) Assignment Authoring Workshop


S38: Calibrated Peer Review(TM): Implementation and Assessment P372: Learning-to-write while writing-to-learn: New


Rushton, Greg

Kennesaw State University

S45a: Fostering Innovations through Partnerships between College and Pre-College Chemistry Teachers S69a: Celebrating Secondary School Chemistry in the Journal of Chemical Education P418: Building rich communities of


Robinson, Jeanne

Seminole State

S68a: The Prep for General Chemistry Course: Textbooks and Teaching Strategies S68b: The Prep for General Chemistry Course: Textbooks and Teaching Strategies P845: Panel discussion


Reck, Cathrine

Indiana University

S66: Service Learning in Chemistry P753: Teaching atoms first with a 1:2:1 sequence: Revamping our curriculum at Indiana University P714: Service partnership with local city government and Hoosier


Ragan, Doug

Hudsonville High School

S27: Survivor Skills for First to Fifth Year Chemistry P691: Where’s my salt: A guided inquiry activity looking at dissolving of ionic compounds


Pulliam, Curtis

Utica College

S8: Instrumentation in the General Chemistry Laboratory P630: Atoms first? So that’s what all this skipping around in the book we have been doing for 20 years is


Pentecost, Thomas

Grand Valley State University

S29: Establishing a Chemical Education Research Program at a PUI P632: Atoms first at Grand Valley State University: The how and why


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