Session S18a (Monday, 9:30am, Wartik 106)

P100: Making Stuff in Greater Binghamton: The story of a successful partnership

Alexsa Silva (Binghamton University, USA), Daniel Brennan (Broome Community College, USA), M. Stanley Whittingham (SUNY Binghampton, USA)

The Departments of Chemistry at Binghamton University and at the Broome Community College have been successfully co-hosting outreach events such as Chemists Celebrate Earth Day, National Chemistry Week, Chemistry and Science Olympiads in the Greater Binghamton Area for several years. In 2011, the Chemistry Clubs at Binghamton University (undergraduate and graduate students), The MRS Student Chapter at Binghamton University (graduate students) and the Science Club at Broome Community College (undergraduate students), together with BOCES, STANYS Southern Section, ACS Binghamton Section, Roberson Museum & Science Center, Oakdale Mall and WSKG (Local PBS Radio and TV Affiliate), participated in a new project: “Making Stuff in Greater Binghamton”. The collaboration was part of a National Outreach Campaign that attempted to engage and educate children and teenagers about Material Science. In this presentation, we will describe the preparation, the events themselves, and the results of this initiative.


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