Session S18a (Monday, 9:30am, Wartik 106)

P101: Fostering a love of science: Outreach at Penn State University

Lori Van Der Sluys, Shannon Palma (Pennsylvania State University, USA)

Penn State holds to the philosophy that Science Outreach is a valuable way to educate a public that must make informed decisions on scientific topics in order to meet the world’s challenges.  The Penn State Eberly College of Science has a dedicated Outreach Department.  Faculty and staff work together to plan and execute numerous outreach events for the public, work with faculty to reach broader impact goals, interface with educators to design K-12 programming, operate a camp program, provide outreach to under-represented and high-need groups, improve recruitment, involvement and retention of undergraduate students, and create online learning experiences designed to reach a broad audience. Current Outreach projects in these areas will be described, as well as plans for future directions.


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