Session S18a (Monday, 9:30am, Wartik 106)

P102: Chemistry outreach to high schools in Northern Michigan

Ralph Christensen (North Central Michigan College, USA)

Acting on the suggestion of the students in the organic chemistry class eight years ago, North Central Michigan College initiated a chemistry open house, which was christened Chemextravaganza.  The first event featured a demonstration show repeated on the hour in the chemistry classroom and ongoing demonstrations in the two labs.  About 100 high school students attended.  Last year, more than 700 students, from as far away as 120 miles, observed and/or participated in demonstration shows in 12 different locations across campus, including two different parking lots.  At the suggestion of those participants, the open house will be held this year on two separate days in April with demonstrations in fewer locations so that the attendees can see a greater percentage of the shows. This year almost 900 students came, including three high schools (one’s travel of 110 miles set a new distance record) that came for the first time.  This presentation will describe the creation, growth and production of Chemextravaganza.


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