Session S1b (Monday, 9:30am, Wartik 111)

P107: Designing and evaluating context- and problem-based learning resources

Michael Seery, Claire Mc Donnell (Dublin Institute of Technology, Ireland)

Four case-based scenarios have been developed at Dublin Institute of Technology as part of the Higher Education STEM-Royal Society of Chemistry programme. These scenarios involve Medicinal Chemistry, Nanochemistry, Environmental Chemistry, and Green Chemistry, with the latter two incorporating a substantial laboratory component. The aim of the project was to produce context- and problem-based learning resources that can be readily implemented in higher education. These four resources have been trialled at eight third-level institutions in Ireland and the United Kingdom to evaluate their effectiveness in achieving discipline-specific learning outcomes and the development of transferable skills. The underlying principles applied in designing the resources and the outcomes of their evaluation will be discussed. From this, we propose guidelines for the development of case-based scenarios suitable for student-centered collaborative learning.


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