Session S20 (Monday, 9:30am, Wartik 105)

P135: NEXUS: Developing competency-based undergraduate science curricula

Cynthia Bauerle (Howard Hughes Medical Institute, USA)

In 2009, the Scientific Foundations for Future Physicians (SFFP) report was published.  This report, sponsored by HHMI and the AAMC, recommends competency-based approaches for the preparation of undergraduates who will become medical students, and medical students who will become physicians.  At the undergraduate level, the key challenge is to develop workable strategies to implement the recommendations.  The National Experiment in Undergraduate Science Education supported by HHMI (NEXUS) is a multi-year institutional collaboration through which partners develop shared strategies for project evaluation toward implementation and assessment of competency-based science curricula.  Objectives of the collaborative project are to consider and enact the recommendations for undergraduate premedical education set forth in the SFFP report; to develop tools to evaluate competencies across the undergraduate science curriculum; and to contribute new information to broader conversation about impact of the SFFP recommendations.  Project teams are developing competency-based curricular modules and working together to coordinate pilot experiments.



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