Session S20 (Monday, 9:30am, Wartik 105)

P138: Organic chemistry with a biological emphasis - WITHDRAWN

Tim Soderberg (University of Minnesota – Morris, USA)

The AAMC-HHMI Scientific Foundations for Future Physicians report, when addressing topics typically covered in sophomore-level organic chemistry, specifies incoming medical students should “demonstrate knowledge of the chemistry of carbon-containing compounds relevant to their behavior in an aqueous environment,” and “apply knowledge of the chemistry of covalent carbon compounds to explain biochemical reactions” (competency E4). Most organic chemistry textbooks, however, focus on laboratory organic synthesis reactions taking place in non-aqueous environments with non-biological reagents–despite the fact that in most cases biology and health science students make up the majority of those enrolled in organic chemistry courses. This talk will describe an open-access organic chemistry textbook and a course using it, in which the central concepts of organic structure and reactivity are explained and illustrated in a biological context first and foremost. An online version of the textbook is housed at the Chemwiki site (University of California, Davis).


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