Session S20 (Monday, 9:30am, Wartik 105)

P139: Second semester organic chemistry options: Bioorganic or organic mechanism and synthesis

Albert Matlin (Oberlin College, USA)

In 1994, the Oberlin Chemistry and Biochemistry Department completely redesigned its curriculum.  As part of this change, the traditional two-semester course in organic chemistry (where half of the text is covered in the first semester and the second half of the text is covered in the second semester) was dropped.  We replaced these two courses (Chem 205/206) with three courses:  Chem 205, Principles of Organic Chemistry;  Chem 254, Bioorganic Chemistry; and Chem 325, Organic Mechanism and Synthesis.  Chem 205 is a rigorous overview of the traditional two-semester course and is the prerequisite for Chem 254 and Chem 325.  Chem 254 is a cross between organic chemistry and introductory biochemistry.  Chem 325 is a second pass at the more traditional organic topics skipped in Chem 205.  The details of these courses will be presented.


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