Session S5b (Monday, 9:30am, Life Sciences 009)

P157: Using a lab exercise and Models 360 to increase retention of bond length, polarity, and resonance in a first-semester general chemistry course

Darcy Mack (Pasadena City College, USA)

A new molecular modeling exercise that utilizes the free web-based program Models360 (available on ChemEdDL) was tested in 4 different first-semester general chemistry classes at a community college.  The exercise was designed to help students understand and increase their retention of polarity, resonance, and bond length.  Spatial ability, logical thinking, professional goals, and time spent studying were analyzed to determine each factor’s impact on short-term retention of the molecular modeling concepts.  Each class was administered a multiple-choice quiz within a week of completion of the molecular modeling exercise and again before the lecture on intermolecular forces where students needed to apply the concepts to new material.  A survey was also administered to determine professional goals, time spent studying, and students’ attitude toward the exercise.  The results of this evaluation will be discussed in the poster.


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