Session S5b (Monday, 9:30am, Life Sciences 009)

P159: ChemPrime, a chemistry wiki site, and its impact on confidence levels in solving stoichiometry problems - WITHDRAWN

Lisa Smith (North Hennepin Community College, United States)

Introduction to Chemistry is a one-semester course for predominantly non-science and pre-nursing students at North Hennepin Community College.  Students who enroll in this course can have no previous science courses but must have completed high school level algebra.  Introductory chemistry students typically lack the confidence to start solving chemistry problems due to their inability to perceive the connection between the real world and their chemistry course. This study utilized an online learning resource intended to increase a student’s confidence in their ability to make these connections. It was hypothesized that using this resource would increase their confidence, which would allow them to initiate the problem solving process.  Several web pages were written in a wiki site, ChemPrime, which provided everyday examples that included the same calculations the students use during stoichiometry.   An in-class activity was completed where some of the students had access to the online resource.  A pre and post survey was used to identify their confidence in initiating a chemistry problem.  The correlation between accessing this free, online web resource and a student’s confidence level in initiating the problem solving process will be presented.


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