Session S5b (Monday, 9:30am, Life Sciences 009)

P161: Implementation of stereochemistry podcast video tutorials using Models 360 (Chemical Education Digital Library)

Rie Somlai (Delta State University, USA)

Many students struggle with the visualization and manipulation of three dimensional molecules which is a necessary skill for mastering stereochemistry concepts.  Podcast videos made with screen captures of Models 360 images (Jmol from the ChemEd DL Library) combined with quiz questions on major concepts supported with Models 360 rotatable images (Jmols) were utilized in creating web-based tutorials.  After gaining experience in three dimensional visualization and rotation of these molecular images, students still must demonstrate their knowledge of stereochemistry when confronted with two dimensional representations of structures, as seen on tests.  It was assumed that such student manipulation of 3-D images would improve transfer of knowledge compared to manipulation of 2-D representations.  Analysis of an instrument to measure knowledge gains from the interactive podcast video tutorials using a paired samples t-test shows statistically significant differences in performance averages before and after the use of 3-D images.


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