Session S9b (Monday, 9:30am, Life Sciences 013)

P174: Grading smarter not harder: Revision of laboratory assessment for health science majors

Cheryl Lavoie (Simmons College, USA)

In response to an assessment workshop, the decision was made to completely overhaul laboratory assessment methods in introductory general and organic chemistry classes for health science majors at Simmons College from traditional lab reports and fill-in-the-blank sheets to a new approach aimed at truly testing student understanding. The revised method involves basing 60% of the student’s grade on a post-lab quiz taken individually immediately after completion of the lab experiment and data analysis. The remaining 40% of the student’s lab grade is based on the quality of the data and observations recorded in the student’s laboratory notebook, as laid out in a detailed rubric. Logistics, benefits, and drawbacks of the new laboratory assessment method will be discussed.


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