Session S9b (Monday, 9:30am, Life Sciences 013)

P176: Chemical waste management in high school - WITHDRAWN

Zahra Arzani

Lab experiments are a way to help students interact with the principles of chemistry and understand how the information from their textbook looks in real-life scenarios. In some places, high school teachers mostly use quick demonstration such as the Ammonium Dichromate self-decomposition, commonly called the ” volcano”. Another popular high-interest experiment is using different salt solutions to create different chemical reactions and different colored precipitates such as lead iodide, silver chloride, barium sulfate and silver chromate. Most of the chemicals left over in these experiments are toxic and disposal is very important. The objective of this research was finding a safe way to dispose of chemical waste in the study area, with no disposal collecting system and environment protection. To do this, a survey was produced to inquire about how teachers deal with chemical waste materials in their laboratories in sample high schools in Albors province of Iran. The results showed all labs in my research statistical population were dumping chemical waste in rubbish bins or sinks. In terms of keeping the environment clean three suggestions were made: 1) using less chemicals in each experiment; 2) proposing a set of reactions in each case to convert the waste to starting material; and 3) lastly, to cooperate with companies that are nearby to collect the waste and use as starting materials. The survey was then sent to high school science chairpersons across the state of Alborz. A group of teachers in the curriculum center has also been formed to write a laboratory manual for high school chemistry courses, which explains how to manage chemical waste. I also found that virtual laboratory is not as effective as practical laboratories.


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