Session S9b (Monday, 9:30am, Life Sciences 013)

P178: GenChem: A computer teaching general chemistry laboratory

Rudolph W. Kluiber (Rutgers University, USA)

Pedagogical emphases of the General Chemistry Laboratory can vary widely. Because most of our students are not chemistry majors and many are weak in mathematical skills, we have decided to have the laboratory work follow and emphasize the lecture material. The major factor we bring to the laboratory is accountability which is done through the utilization of GenChem, a computer. Experiments are described in a manual, but before coming to class, GenChem provides an on-line PreLab which must be passed and a 10-15 minute video ( Thus students, even late commuters, come to class prepared to start work. Students work individually. Genchem gives a short quiz and individualizes each experiment. Students do the work, enter experimental work and calculations. On the first entry, GenChem corrects and comments. Then GenChem asks more questions and grades the student’s work. The effect of this technique on the student’s chemical understanding will be discussed.


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