Session S25a (Monday, 9:30am, Thomas 104)

P185: Using video analysis to characterize the cognition of general chemistry students engaging in invention activities

Dawn Rickey, Lisa Dysleski (Colorado State University, USA), Lydia Tien (Monroe Community College, USA)

Based on an instructional model that has been demonstrated to enhance transfer of learning in other content domains, we designed and implemented a series of “invention” activities for general chemistry. During these activities, students work with data sets that highlight contrasting cases to invent formulas, procedures, and other general rules regarding topics that have not yet been discussed in lecture. A main objective of our research is to determine the relationships between students’ engagement in key thinking processes and their abilities to apply general chemistry ideas effectively in new contexts (i.e., transfer). To characterize students’ thinking processes as they work on invention activities, we recorded and analyzed video of several groups of three students working on each activity. This paper will report on the methodology and results of our video analyses.


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