Session S26a (Monday, 9:30am, Thomas 117)

P191: Incorporating POGIL in Chemistry of Food and Cooking, a non-majors course

Gail Webster, Anne Glenn (Guilford College, USA)

“Chemistry of Food and Cooking,” first offered at Guilford College in spring 2003, gives students an opportunity to learn chemical and physical science concepts within the context of different food types and cooking processes. The course primarily serves to fulfill a lab science requirement for non-science majors. The chemistry content is focused on a topic that “science phobic” students encounter every day and allows them to see chemistry as something concrete and useful, rather than a set of abstract concepts. While the course has been popular over the years, it has recently been modified to incorporate process oriented guided inquiry learning (POGIL) pedagogy. Learning cycle activities were developed to introduce students to course-specific chemical concepts, including the structure and properties of fats, carbohydrates and proteins. We will discuss the POGIL activities currently in use, student response to the format of the class and preliminary assessment of student learning.


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