Session S26a (Monday, 9:30am, Thomas 117)

P193: ANA-POGIL: A consortial approach to writing and assessing POGIL activities in analytical chemistry

Juliette Lantz (Drew University, USA), Renee Cole (University of Iowa, USA)

A consortium of analytical faculty members who are involved in curriculum development and chemical education research were awarded a Phase 2 NSF grant to develop instructional materials for analytical chemistry based on the well-established POGIL model ( In this project, classroom activities based on core analytical chemistry principles were developed by several authors and then peer-reviewed by members of the consortium who received training on the use of a POGIL rubric. The revised activities were classroom tested at a range of institutions, leading to further revisions and the development of classroom implementations strategies. The efficacy of these materials was assessed at numerous institutions, including an analysis of student content mastery, process skill development, and student attitudes. Developing POGIL classroom materials as a consortium offers many key advantages as well as some challenges; these will be discussed along with strategies for faculty development.


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