Session S14b (Monday, 9:30am, Thomas 216)

P206: Igniting an interest in chemistry: Experiences from a three-week summer bridge program for first-year students

Laura Moore, Eric Todd (Monmouth College, USA)

Over the past two years, Monmouth College has held a three-week summer bridge program that focuses on research projects. Two faculty members in the chemistry department have participated in this program.  The program has brought in 7 potential chemistry students, most with little laboratory experience in high school.  The new students were supervised by returning student mentors on a variety of projects (biodiesel synthesis, solar cells, the development of chemical demonstrations, and imprinted polymers). Students presented their work to the college community at the beginning of the school year; some students also presented their work at the ACS section undergraduate research conference.   Overall, the program has helped us spark interest in chemistry research, boost student interest in the chemistry and biochemistry majors, and increase student engagement in the chemistry department.



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