Session S30a (Monday, 2pm, Osmond 119)

P218: Culinary chemistry: Basic chemistry in foods - WITHDRAWN

Derek Richards, Carrie Silverstein, Lori Van Der Sluys (Pennsylvania State University, USA)

Chemistry permeates our everyday world.  The ability to get this message across to students is what makes chemical educators unique and makes general chemistry courses interesting.  Chemical demonstrations present a dichotomy not found in other subjects, in that they allow for a connection between the theoretical and real worlds, while doing so in an entertaining and thought provoking manner.  Perhaps no section of society sees this pervasive nature of chemistry more than the food industry.  Bakers must rely on exact measurements for their dough to rise and molecular gastronomists now have restaurants devoted to their unique creations throughout the United States and the world.  Utilizing different general chemistry methods, we will demonstrate a myriad of fascinating chemical reactions found in and using foods.


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