Session S18b (Monday, 2pm, Wartik 106)

P226: Duke Chemistry Outreach - The program and the course

Ken Lyle (Duke University, USA), Haley Barrier (Duke University, USA)

The Duke University Chemistry Outreach Program provides opportunities for Duke students to share their interest in and enthusiasm for doing chemistry with the surrounding community.  This program is unique in that presentations are designed based on the needs of the community partners requesting our services, the logistics of the venues, and the backgrounds of the audiences we serve.  Over the past seven years, several hundred presenters staging hundreds of presentations have reached literally thousands in the surrounding community.  CHEM 109 Chemistry Outreach Service Learning Course was created out of the desire to provide the opportunity for Duke students to earn academic credit for what they have been already doing voluntarily.  The course prepares students to stage chemistry outreach presentations.  There are five major components of the course: readings from respected journals, in-class presentations, planning and practice, critical reflection, and actual service. To date, 119 students have successfully completed the course contributing more than 2400 hours of service to the community. In this presentation we will describe the origins and growth of the program, the program and course structures, and the issues we’ve had to address. Duke student Haley Barrier (class of 2013) will share her experience of participating in the Chemistry Outreach Program.


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