Session S2c (Monday, 2pm, CHEM 102)

P231: Combining a guided inquiry organic lab experiment with an open inquiry project.

Klaus Himmeldirk (Ohio University, USA)

The presentation will focus on the impact that the workshop “Teaching Guided-Inquiry Organic Chemistry Labs” had on the execution of experiments at Ohio University. Specifically, it will present how a guided inquiry (GI) experiment that was introduced during a cCWCS workshop was modified and extended in order to improve student engagement.

During the course of the experiment, the discussion of the results of an elimination reaction leads to open questions about the factors that influence the regioselectivity of the synthesis. The evaluation of the experimental data leads to the creation of a hypothesis. Students are asked to apply their knowledge in the area of acid-base chemistry, elimination reactions, and gas chromatography to design a new experiment that can prove or support their assumptions.


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