Session S5a (Sunday, 2pm, Life Sciences 009)

P24: Evaluation of online activities using Models 360 in Physiological Chemistry

Weslene Tallmadge (Gannon University, USA)

Physiological Chemistry is a one semester organic/biological chemistry course required for freshmen enrolled in the nursing major at Gannon University.  Students must have completed one high school course on general chemical principles prior to admission.  However, many students struggle to apply the general chemical principles to the organic/ biological chemistry taught in Physiological Chemistry.  In this project online activities using Models 360 from the ChemEd DL ( were developed to give students the opportunity to observe the shape and polarity of molecules as well as to manipulate the models.    The learning goal was to improve the students’ ability to predict polarity, the type of intermolecular force between two molecules, and the corresponding effect on physical properties.   Pre and post questions were used to demonstrate the effect of the activities on student learning.  Assessment results will be presented as well as a discussion of student survey results.


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