Session S19b (Monday, 2pm, Wartik 107)

P243: Examining the item functioning of the Chemistry Concepts Inventory

Paul Schwartz, Jack Barbera (University of Northern Colorado, USA)

The Chemistry Concepts Inventory (CCI) is a multiple choice assessment instrument that was created to help identify students’ alternate conceptions in introductory college chemistry. Numerous studies in chemical education have used the entire instrument, or subsets of its items, to assess the misconceptions of high school and college students as well as those of chemistry teachers. However, little analysis of the instrument’s item functioning has been conducted since its publication in 2002. Often, assessment instruments need be subjected to continual analysis for validity and reliability. This study uses quantitative data from four  universities to investigate similarities and differences in the item functioning of the CCI. Qualitative data from one institution is also used to investigate possible threats to the validity and reliability of data from several individual items.


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