Session S5a (Sunday, 2pm, Life Sciences 009)

P25: Use of Models 360 in teaching intermolecular forces in a pre-health organic and biochemistry course.

Colleen Conway (Mount Mary College, USA)

As part of an NSF-funded workshop, I developed on-line interactive worksheets using the Chemistry Education Digital Library’s “Models 360” for students in a non-majors organic and biochemistry course.  These materials were designed to help students understand the intermolecular forces that occur in five organic functional groups:  alkanes, alkenes, alcohols and thiols, aldehydes and ketones, and carboxylic acids.  The materials included information on polarity, water solubility, and boiling points.

Students who used these online worksheets were compared to see if there were differences in gains in achievement and confidence among groups with different GALT scores.  There were no significant correlations between confidence gained from using the on-line materials and GALT score.   There was a significant correlation between achievement gains and GALT score.  The students classified as “concrete” thinkers by GALT score showed the greatest gain in achievement.


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