Session S23b (Monday, 2pm, Life Sciences 011)

P273: Catalysis as the focal point of green chemistry instruction

Andrew Dicks (University of Toronto, Canada)

Catalysis continues to revolutionize the science and art of organic chemistry, with the 2010, 2005 and 2001 Chemistry Nobel Prizes awarded for developments in new metal-catalyzed reactions. Using catalytic strategies is additionally one of the Twelve Principles of Green Chemistry. It is therefore essential that undergraduates learning organic synthesis be exposed to modern catalytic approaches from both a theoretical and practical perspective. This presentation will describe the creation of a third-year laboratory-intensive undergraduate course entitled Organic Synthesis Techniques and its focus on teaching green and sustainable chemistry principles. The course showcases seven cutting-edge catalytic methodologies including phase-transfer catalysis, organocatalysis, Lewis and Brønsted acid catalysis and transition-metal catalysis. Associated lectures are devoted to discussion of green chemical principles and practice with relevant industrial case-studies, laboratory techniques undertaken, operative catalytic mechanisms and instrumental methods of analysis


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