Session S23b (Monday, 2pm, Life Sciences 011)

P274: Infusion of green chemistry and sustainability into organic chemistry lecture

Michael Cann (University of Scranton, USA)

It has been 21 years since the term green chemistry was coined at the US EPA.  Within the intervening years many examples of greening the undergraduate organic laboratory curriculum can be found (witness this symposium) yet relatively little has made it into the lecture portion of this course.  Glance through any of the major sophomore level organic texts and one may find a smattering of references to green chemistry.  However, most of these are in boxes or vignettes outside the mainstream portion of the text allowing them to be conveniently ignored.  While green chemistry is a rarity in organic lecture textbooks, try finding any reference to the broader issues of sustainability.  This presentation will offer some possibilities of how one might blend green chemistry into the mainstream organic lecture curriculum.  In addition, a movement by publishers to infuse sustainability throughout their entire collection of textbooks will be discussed.


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