Session S34a (Monday, 2pm, Wartik 105)

P279: Extending office hours: The use of screen/voice capture technology for the creation and distribution of chemistry problem solving videos

Michael Vannatta, Mingming Xu (West Virginia University, USA)

We report on the use of screen/voice capture technology, specifically the Tegrity software, to create chemistry problem solving videos.  The software allows an educator to solve problems, both verbally and visually, using a tablet personal computer and save the work as digital video files.  We have created a number of videos that are specific to courses at our institution.  Specially, we created videos that detailed the problem solving strategies for sample exam problems as well as problems from an exam that were particularly challenging to our students.  Some of our videos have been posted publicly, via YouTube, while others were posted internally through our university blackboard system. Students have provided positive feedback and although we have created less than 50 total videos, we have well over 10,000 total views.  The creation, utility, and effectiveness of these videos will be discussed.


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