Session S25b (Monday, 2pm, Thomas 104)

P292: Evaluation of Peer-Led Team Learning on progression and success within the general chemistry sequence

Scott Lewis, Jessica Ippolito, Yancey Mitchell (Kennesaw State University, USA)

Peer-led Team Learning (PLTL) has been nationally disseminated, implemented in General Chemistry and evaluated through numerous studies. This study seeks to expand the knowledge-base on the effectiveness of PLTL by examining the impact of PLTL on student progression in chemistry and student success in second-semester General Chemistry. This study employs a quantitative, quasi-experimental methodology to address these issues. Student progression is measured by students’ decision to enroll in a subsequent chemistry course and student performance in the subsequent course. Student success in second-semester General Chemistry is measured through performance on an exam from the American Chemical Society and by student withdrawal rates in the class. The findings offer information on the potential for PLTL to improve student retention in the sciences, the extent to which gains from PLTL pedagogy can be transferred into other courses and the potential for implementation as a curricular reform versus a course reform.


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