Session S25b (Monday, 2pm, Thomas 104)

P295: Developing assessments to influence practice: Application of the Targeted Misconception Inventory for general chemistry

Keily Heredia, Jennifer Lewis (University of South Florida, USA)

Tailoring instruction based on students’ prior knowledge is considered a best practice within chemistry education.  Inspired by one of Treagust’s diagnostic exams, the Targeted Misconception Inventory (TMI) was developed to focus on three important concepts for general chemistry: bond energy, phase changes, and ionic bonding. The TMI consists of three two-tier multiple-choice questions with a parallel structure that includes three consistent incorrect ideas as distractors to reduce the chance of false positives from guessing. The instrument was given as a paper and pencil low-stakes test during the second week of class at a large southeastern research university in the U.S. Results were shared with course instructors, two of whom decided to make small instructional changes. Initial results from students’ responses to the TMI, including their most common incorrect ideas, will be presented. Discussion will also include a description of the small instructional changes and the results obtained for each instructor.


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