Session S25b (Monday, 2pm, Thomas 104)

P296: Student use and navigation of crib sheets in freshman chemistry

Cianán Russell (Georgia Institute of Technology, USA), Erik Epp (Purdue University, USA), Carrie Shepler (Georgia Institute of Technology, USA)

Recent literature on student learning in freshman chemistry has indicated that educator goals for these courses have shifted toward process-oriented metrics and away from rote memorization. In order to test students in a more process-oriented way, we have incorporated crib sheets for each of our exams. In this study, students were allowed an 8.5 by 11 sheet of paper, one side only, handwritten for each of four mid-term exams and an additional one for the final exam. All crib sheets were collected at the end of the final exam, coded for content, navigability, and style, and compared with student course performance in terms of exam grades. This study investigates the ways that students use and write their crib sheets, how this correlates with course performance, and how student use of the crib sheets changes over the course of a semester.


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