Session S26b (Monday, 2pm, Thomas 117)

P309: Increasing student engagement in large lecture general chemistry through development of peer learning coaches

Kathryn Asala, Kate Popejoy (University of North Carolina – Charlotte, USA)

A large lecture environment (N = 185) for general chemistry has proven ineffective in helping many students to successfully pass the course. Through a concerted effort across multiple sections of General Chemistry I, we have redesigned the traditional large lecture to actively engage students on a continual basis by incorporating pre-lecture videos and quizzes, online homework, problem-solving videos, and small-group collaborative TASL (Team Approach to Successful Learning) workshops led by peer Learning Coaches (LCs). LCs are supported through weekly seminars that engage them in best pedagogical practices in chemistry. While all approaches promote engagement by students, in particular, the TASL workshop strategy has proven to be effective in increasing the pass rate of students in the course and in their retention of course material as demonstrated by final exam performance. In this session, we will present the statistically significant results of our work and discuss the implementation of these practices.


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