Session S28b (Monday, 2pm, Wartik 108)

P317: Learning vs. applying concepts: Homework approaches for large lecture general chemistry courses

Steve Kroner (Ohio State University, USA)

Homework should give students the opportunity to practice applying concepts, though too frequently students do homework before learning many of the concepts. In my paper, I will present efforts to use two different types of homework sets in general chemistry courses at Ohio State University. One type of homework of simple problems is assigned before or after lectures and the other homework of integrative examples is assigned prior to our weekly recitation meetings. I will discuss creative ways to grade these homework sets primarily on the basis of completeness with a small emphasis placed on correctness. Written quizzes are also routinely given to nurture improved study habits. Completion rates of these homework sets are generally quite high despite only a small amount of points being allotted. Students are hopefully led to see reading the book and staying caught up with the concepts are powerful tools for solving conceptual problems later.


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