Session S55a (Monday, 5:15pm, Willaman Gateway)

P329: Teaching chemical safety in Second Life

Jessica Menke (University of Wisconsin – Whitewater, USA)

Current pedagogy in chemical safety training typically relies on having students watch a video (commonly used standard is “Chemical Safety” produced by the American chemical society) or simply providing the students with a list of rules and regulations they must follow while in the laboratory.  Training is usually followed by some form of assessment, usually a quiz or test.

With today’s student dynamic quickly changing to be more technologically advanced, pedagogy also needs to change.   The goal of this project is to develop an interactive chemical safety training that will allow students to see the consequences of not following safety rules within a virtual world, Second Life.  This active learning experience will be combined with assessment as students’ selections throughout the training can be tracked.  Qualitative assessment of the tool has been completed and will be followed up by a quantitative assessment after modifications have been made based on the qualitative data.


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