Session S6 (Sunday, 2pm, Life Sciences 011)

P33: Comparison of student performance in a nontraditional freshman-sophomore chemistry sequence to that in a traditional sequence

Richard Kashmar (Wesley College, USA)

Starting in 1996, freshman science majors at Wesley College began following a revised chemistry sequence, in which General Chemistry I in the fall is followed by two semesters of Organic Chemistry, and concludes with General Chemistry II in the sophomore year. In addition, the first semester Biology I course is postponed from the fall semester of the freshman year to the following spring semester, to provide students with a greater exposure to chemistry before their first biology course. In this presentation, student grade performance in courses in the new vs. the old sequence will be compared, using a two-population z-test. Performance in both General Chemistry I and Biology I is not significantly different in the two sequences. Significant differences are found, however, in student performance in both Organic Chemistry I and General Chemistry II.


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