Session S55a (Monday, 5:15pm, Willaman Gateway)

P339: Integrating electronic data collection into the biochemistry teaching laboratory

Scott Tremain (University of Cincinnati, Blue Ash College, USA)

In the biochemistry laboratory curriculum, absorbance spectrophotometry is a vital component.  Our traditional biochemistry experiments utilize single-wavelength spectrophotometers that are not capable of collecting absorbance spectra data efficiently.  Furthermore, kinetic data cannot be readily recorded on a rapid timescale nor saved.  The MeasureNet electronic data collection system consists of a central computer connected to a network of 15 student workstations.  Each workstation (outfitted with various probeware) records real-time data that can be saved and uploaded to a web-based storage site accessible to the student from anywhere.  This project describes the integration of MeasureNet into the biochemistry laboratory.


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