Session S6 (Sunday, 2pm, Life Sciences 011)

P34: Rethinking and reviewing a non-traditional chemistry curriculum at Gonzaga University

Gemma D’Ambruoso (Gonzaga University, USA)

Since 1992, Gonzaga University chemistry and biology majors have taken one semester of general chemistry followed by two semesters of organic chemistry, beginning the organic chemistry course in the freshman year.  One of the motivations for this type of curriculum stems from the desire to engage students in a discussion of relevant organic/biological molecules early in their first year, as well as prepare students for research earlier.  Recently, we have begun a review of our entire curriculum with the underlying question of whether or not to return to a two- semester general chemistry sequence.  The talk will introduce the chemistry and biochemistry curriculum at Gonzaga University including perceived pros and cons from the faculty perspective.  The talk will also outline the steps taken to begin our full curriculum review, which might help others when deciding how to make a curriculum shift at their own universities.


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