Session S55a (Monday, 5:15pm, Willaman Gateway)

P340: Critical thinking on the green aspects of LED chemistry

Alba Ferreira, Lilian Ferreira de Oliveira Mendes (Faculdade de Paulínia – FACP, Brazil)

The evolution of the efficiency of Light Emission Diodes (LED) points out to the transition from arsenide based semiconductors to the nitride alternatives.  This context was adopted in a chemistry of the elements course and was identified as a suitable resource to incorporate the green chemistry concepts through the life cycle point of view. The learning activities focused on structure of solids, band theory, redox and acid-base reactivity for the preparation of the semiconductors GaAs and  GaN,  including  their oxidative dissolution for gallium recovery. The classroom meetings for this module were conducted using the learning cycle approach, followed by discussions in groups with application of conceptual tests. The perceptions of the students will be presented to evaluate the understanding of the green principles of this subject, besides the chemical core concepts of the course.


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