Session S55a (Monday, 5:15pm, Willaman Gateway)

P345: Evaluation of on-line pre-lab lectures

Angela King (Wake Forest University, USA)

Growing chemistry enrollments and classroom space has resulted in the cancellation of comprehensive face-to-face pre-lab instruction (“pre-lab lectures”) for liberal arts chemistry students. This has impacted lab performance by eliminating opportunities to show experimental set-ups, tips for success, model calculations and call attention to safety issues. In an attempt to remedy the problem, this information has been re-packaged into pre-lab Prezis that include videos of equipment, set-up and new techniques, captured sample calculations and links to relevant material. Students must watch the Prezi and complete an online quiz before coming to lab. Student surveys will compare the effectiveness of the Prezi format to 3 minute face-to-face pre-lab mini-lectures. An outline of Prezi creation and format and the results of student surveys will be presented.


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