Session S55a (Monday, 5:15pm, Willaman Gateway)

P349: Kinetics and equilibrium experiments with common color-changing items

Ray Dudek (Wittenberg University, USA), John Dudek (Hartwick College, USA), Garrhett Via (Wittenberg University, USA)

The study of kinetics or measuring an equilibrium constant is often done by spectroscopically monitoring different chemical systems. In an effort to make these experiments safer, greener, and increase student interest, commercially available objects that change colors were used instead of wet chemical systems. The reaction rates of the color change of UV sensitive beads and thread were analyzed using a fiber optically coupled spectrometer and the rate constant of each color was determined. A qualitative comparison of the different dyes between the bead and threads was also performed. By altering the temperature of the substrates, the activation energy and reaction energy can be calculated. Finally, heat sensitive paper was used as an equilibrium system and the reaction energy of the color change was measured for different types of paper. All systems are safe, reusable, and exciting to the students.


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