Session S6 (Sunday, 2pm, Life Sciences 011)

P36: Experiences with a nontraditional freshman-sophomore chemistry sequence at Elizabethtown College: Benefits and challenges

Jeffrey Rood (Elizabethtown College, USA), Kristi Kneas (Elizabethtown College, USA), James MacKay (Elizabethtown College, USA)

The curriculum at Elizabethtown College follows what is commonly called a 1-2-1 course sequence beginning with general chemistry followed by two semesters of organic chemistry. Unlike most 1-2-1 sequences, Elizabethtown students complete both inorganic chemistry and instrumental analysis in their fourth semester.  In our presentation, we will discuss our curriculum design and detail some observations we have made regarding student progress in the first two years of the program.  Additionally, we will discuss some of the challenges of this approach, including retention of majors, student workload, and the impacts on other majors.  Student learning outcomes will be addressed in terms of performance on standardized exams and early placement into internships and research experiences.


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