Session S36a (Tuesday, 9:30am, Life Sciences 009)

P361: Characteristics of pedagogy content knowledge that affects change in science teachers understanding of chemistry concepts - WITHDRAWN

Safa Zaid- ElKilani (University of Jordan, Jordan)

Understanding the way to construct accurate frameworks of complex chemical concepts and successfully solve its quantitative problems needs an understanding of the multi-dimensional of the issue, that is: the pedagogy theory, chemistry content, and the way to be represented. The pedagogy dimension deals with the way of identifying misconception in complex chemical domains which makes as a critical barrier to understand other chemical concept; the content dimension deals with having an accurate scientific concepts; the representation dimension deals with using a clear method of restructuring students’ ideas that works as a bridge to transfer the cognitive structure of students from concrete operational level to formal operational comprehensive level; such restructuring would allow transferring students’ conceptual knowledge in the core issue into other related complex domains of knowledge. The study identifies the mole as core complex chemical domains of knowledge in which students have misunderstanding, and to be considered as an important foundation for more complex chemical concepts. The sample consisted of 61 freshman students who pursue a Bachelor degree in Science, and 70 junior students’ teachers who pursue Bachelor degree in Teacher Education; the Science College accepted students with higher GSE (General Secondary Exam) score than those in Educational Sciences College. Both samples had studied general chemistry course in their freshman year. Students’ teachers had a methodology course in their junior year; the focus of the course was on restructuring student’ idea in core scientific concepts. The results show that there is a significant difference for the benefit of students’ teachers between students in Science College and students’ teachers on problem solving chemistry test; the results indicate the importance of acquiring pedagogy content knowledge in order to construct correct scientific concept.


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