Session S38 (Tuesday, 9:30am, Life Sciences 011)

P369: Teaching quantitative graphing skills in an Excel-based world

Breeyawn Lybbert (University of California-Los Angeles, USA), Arlene Russell (University of California-Los Angeles, USA), Johnny Pang (University of California-Los Angeles, USA)

The latest version of the Calibrated Peer Review (CPR) program, a web-based writing-to-learn tool, contains a new feature that allows students to upload a file along with their text. This provides a vehicle now to be able to assess concept mastery of other forms of communication skills beyond writing. We are capitalizing on this feature to address teaching and learning of graphing practices in general chemistry. Students submit for review the graphs prepared as part of a lab assignment along with a written discussion about it. In a previous study we found that students in the second term of a general chemistry course improve their graphing practices during the quarter based on feedback they receive early on through a CPR assignment. In the present study we address the primary graphing instruction in the first general chemistry laboratory course where the concepts are introduced first using hand-drawn graphs and then later using Excel. This talk will discussĀ  the efficacy of a CPR instrument in which students critique their initial graphing practices and the persistence of these practices into Excel prepared graphs.


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