Session S6 (Sunday, 2pm, Life Sciences 011)

P38: Filling the gaps in an organic-first introductory curriculum with a fifth course in organic synthesis

Stacey Stoffregen (University of Wisconsin-River Falls, USA), Karl Peterson (University of Wisconsin-River Falls, USA)

In 2008, the University of Wisconsin – River Falls Chemistry Department began teaching an Organic-First curriculum.  The curriculum begins with an “atoms-first” introduction to chemistry in the first semester, leading to simple organic molecular structure and reactivity. The sequence continues in the second semester with a foundation course in organic chemistry. Courses in the second year focus on general and analytical chemistry. The curriculum culminates in an advanced organic synthesis course in the junior year for chemistry majors and minors.  This course has two purposes in the curriculum.  First, the course introduces and expands topics that were removed or de-emphasized in the first year organic courses, and second the course expands on the topic of organic synthesis.  An overview of the content of all five courses in the curriculum will be given, highlighting the role of the fifth course in filling the gaps.


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