Session S7 (Sunday, 2pm, Mueller 008)

P39: From concept to construction: The new science pavilion at Saint Vincent College

Steven Gravelle (Saint Vincent College, USA), Caryl Fish (Saint Vincent College, USA), Daryle Fish (Saint Vincent College, USA), Matthew Fisher (Saint Vincent College, USA)

At Saint Vincent College, we are nearing completion of a construction and renovation of our science facilities that has taken over ten years to complete.  This project involved construction of a new central building first, followed by renovation of three buildings surrounding it.  In this presentation, we will describe the history and process that we followed in designing and constructing these facilities.  Our first step in designing our new science facility was to determine the goals that faculty have for teaching, learning and research in the new space.  We will discuss what our goals for the project were and how we endeavored to achieve them through the design process.  We will then discuss how well those goals have been realized during the first two academic years of the newly constructed central building.  We will conclude with a discussion of our recommendations for those planning new facilities on their own campus.


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