Session S42a (Tuesday, 9:30am, CHEM 102)

P396: A chemist's island paradise: Studying the impact of an environmental research project on student learning and perceptions

Sarah Murphy, Janice Hall Tomasik (Central Michigan University, USA)

Environmental chemistry topics are well suited for a wide range of chemistry classes. It is a topic that students can relate to, can incorporate a wide variety of analysis techniques, and allows students to be exposed to the research process.

An environmental research-based lab was developed for the summer version of a 200 level quantitative analysis class at Central Michigan University. The laboratory portion of this class was conducted at Beaver Island located in Lake Michigan. Using water analysis testing kits and XRF handheld analyzers, students researched the toxicology of local water and soil samples on the island. Presented are the recent evaluation results from the second implementation of the course during summer 2011. Results include those from pre- and post- surveys of control and treatment groups of students to assess impacts on student learning and perceptions of chemistry.


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