Session S43 (Tuesday, 9:30am, Life Sciences 013)

P402: The evolving landscape of chemistry education.

Richard Schwenz (University of Northern Colorado, USA)

The science of educating chemists has changed, and will be changing.   As our students have evolve, our knowledge of how our students learn evolves, the tools we can use to teach are researched and modified, and the constraints on our ability to educate students change.  These systematic changes influence our expectations for our students and our students’ expectations of us as technology advances and online education become more prevalent.  One example is the move on the part of students and instructors from traditional text books to the use of a variety of sources to deliver material.  Another is the move from traditional classroom settings to more flexible means for the delivery of course material.  In this talk, we will consider the opportunities and challenges the evolving landscape of chemistry education presents to the guidelines for ACS approval of bachelor’s degree programs.


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