Session S7 (Sunday, 2pm, Mueller 008)

P41: Converging facilities, design and instruction

Meredith Wesolowski (University of Delaware, USA)

The University of Delaware is constructing a $132M Interdisciplinary Science and Engineering Laboratory (ISE Lab) slated to open Fall 2013, which will house introductory science courses and innovative research laboratories.  The teaching portion of the ISE Lab floor plan accounts for 22,000 sq. ft., which is divided into teaching laboratories, classrooms, commons areas and seminar rooms.  Four technology-rich, collaborative learning, lecture/lab suites, designed to hold 48 students each, are central to the teaching space design.  These suites are arranged to support student-centered, technology-enhanced introductory chemistry and biology laboratory instruction.  Parallel to the design and construction of the ISE Lab is a large-scale effort to revamp introductory chemistry and biology laboratory courses to better align curriculum with what is known about how students learn and retain science laboratory concepts.  In addition, curricular changes will be made to maximize use of the ISE Lab teaching facilities.  The facilities and instructional design process, current status and future of ISE Lab development will be discussed.


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