Session S25c (Tuesday, 9:30am, Thomas 104)

P443: Effect of goal and error orientations on online homework behaviours of organic chemistry students

Jackie Stewart (University of British Columbia, Canada)

One of the major benefits of online homework compared to paper-and-pencil homework is that students receive immediate feedback and can correct their errors during the assignment. Data was mined from students’ online homework activity to estimate persistence in learning from errors. Factors such as achievement goal orientation and error orientation were investigated with respect to how they influenced students’ behavior when completing online homework. The error orientation questionnaire, adapted from Rybowiak et al. (1999) contains eight scales that measure students’ attitudes toward making errors during problem solving. The achievement goal orientation questionnaire used in this study measures task-approach/avoidance, self-approach/avoidance, and other-approach/avoidance (Elliot et al., 2011).


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