Session S8 (Sunday, 2pm, Thomas 121)

P45: Bringing the general chemistry lab into the 21st century: Introducing modern instrumentation to general chemistry students

Graeme Wyllie (Concordia College, USA), Mark Jensen (Concordia College, USA)

The General Chemistry laboratories at Concordia College have been significantly enhanced by the addition of a new instrumentation suite, in particular, high performance liquid chromatography which was integrated to be a key part of the labs. Students are introduced to the instrument through an experiment where they are required to do basic method development on a multi-component system leading to understanding of the instrument and it’s applications.  Student teams are then encouraged  and have utilized HPLC as part of a seven week student directed research project on sulfa drug degradation. In addition, this past year has seen the introduction of an integrated general chemistry and biology laboratory program.  Experiments encompassing key aspects of chemistry and biology and extensively use both HPLC and atomic absorbance spectroscopy are also described. The authors gratefully acknowledge the financial support of the NSF (DUE-0837192) for support of this project.


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