Session S48 (Tuesday, 9:30am, Wartik 107)

P452: Linking metacognitive knowledge and learning styles through team-based learning in the laboratory

Danae Quirk Dorr, M. Hadley (Minnesota State University – Mankato, USA)

Students in an Allied Health Organic and Biochemistry laboratory were sorted into teams based on their individual learning styles. Following each experiment, students worked in their designated roles within teams to answer a series of guided-inquiry questions as part of the team’s lab report.   Immediately following the laboratory period, each student completed an independent survey reporting his/her role in completing the questions, the roles of his/her teammates, the topic that he/she was least comfortable with and a question that he/she would like to see on the laboratory final.  Student self-awareness and the questions asked by teams during the experiment were correlated with specific content weaknesses extrapolated from the lab reports and the laboratory final.  Correlations between individual student learning styles, assigned and preferred laboratory roles and scores obtained while in assigned roles were also investigated.


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